January 13 2011

Six Ways to Cope With Distractions At Workplace

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Every work environment comes with certain distractions and it is essential to ward off these distractions if standard content writing be the objective. But distractions are not insurmountable. Sometimes the people around you can create disturbance or even stuffs like mobiles can make you lose your focus. And the quality of the content produced is questionable. Here follows some tips that can help you to cope with distractions:

Don’t consider your writing a burden: Psychological preparation is a very important for any positive effort. If you think your content writing to be laborious task, you are more vulnerable to external disturbances. So feel passionate about it and try to enjoy the job.

Put on headphones: Today it is almost difficult to get your desk placed in some forlorn place far from the crowd. Noises at your home or even at your office can be cause enough for you to lose concentration. You can use a headphone to avoid the external noises.

Create a good work environment: A conductive work environment will surely help you in increasing your productivity. Try to give your writing desk a makeover. Remove all unnecessary staffs from the desk and let it look professional. That will boost your energy and reduce distraction. You can even take along some snacks or drinks so that your meal does not interrupt your flow of writing.

Close your eyes to Email and IM: Email and instant message is a vital source of distraction. The momentary popping-up of message demands attentions and reply. In office environment also a small chat among colleagues during the duty hour is a much desired component. So it will be better to stop paying heed to these elements by simply turning off the mail and message services.

Work in small chunks: A great enthusiasm on the first day can make you stretch your content writing effort. But in the second you will not feel like immersing yourself on the same strain. Then why not follow a time-table divide the writing time. That will not wear out your energy in one hand and on the other your will able to ensure better quality content writing.

Organize your points: Apart from all these external distractions, you concentration can be affected by you writing as well. If you are bombarded with huge materials for a small writing you may find yourself in a virtual mess. This happens usually while doing online research. So it is necessary to stay focused and draft a clear outline before proceeding on to writing the full staff.

It is evident from the above discussion that distractions can not be eliminated in themselves. But of course, we can take necessary precautions not to lose concentration. But with the development of technology, there are some software like WriteRoom, J Dark Room, and JediConcentrate, which can help in dealing with distractions.

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