May 06 2016

Fabulous 15 Rules of Writing Catchy Social Media Content

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As a marketer, you have observed that the marketing campaigns gain an edge at social media platforms. The key to get returns from social media platforms is to write and post contents that are appealing to your audience. You need to get deep inside the psychology of your prospects, so that you can create contents that are sharable, lead to sales conversion and generate revenue for your business. For that, you need to hire a trusted content writing services India company that can create the miracle for you. In this blog, I am about to shed light on some social media content writing tips.

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Before you delve deep into the social media platforms, you need to know about neuromarketing. Neuromarketing deals with the art of persuasion where the subconscious mind of a person acts. After you have understood the concept of neuromarketing, you will find easy for capitalizing on social media campaigns.

Here is an example to make you understand how neuromarketing works. It has been proved that the olfactory senses of smell can change the perception about a product.

Present two recipes to your friend. If he or she likes the smell of one of the dishes, then the food is perceived to be yummy. The other dish also comprises to same ingredients, but the cooking style is different. What matters is the creation of perception that forces people to act. This is the concept of neuromarketing.

By deploying the concept of neomarketing, a reputed content writing services India company creates successful social media contents. The content writing service, which you hire, is engaged in

•    Telling stories that touch others

•    Connecting with people

•    Building trust with your targeted audience

•    Framing conversational messages

Check out the following Social Media Content Writing Tips

#Learning about your social media audience

One of the most useful social media content writing tipsis to know what your targeted audience loves to read, so that the write-ups can be developed for the social media campaigns to bring maximum returns.

The content writing firm will analyze the interests of your readers and it will also figure out what your readers expect from you. You have to know when your readers are actively engaged at social media platforms. You need to know what kind of contents they love to read and the influencers they want to follow. All these issues should be addressed before you write social media contents.

You should know that your readers are capable enough to share contents. There are social media tools that help you to gather information about your audience. You can make positive changes in your write-ups to generate interest and increase the rate of share.

#Keeping contents skimmable

You should write contents by including every possible detail to make it appealing. Seasoned writers consider this idea among the most essential social media content writing tips. They use their approach to increase the rate of readership.

The attention span of readers is dwindling quickly. In order to hold the attention of your prospects, you need to provide them with skimmable contents.

Content that provides a gist of the story with the least amount of writing always wins and goes viral. The skimmable content should be decorated with catchy titles and subtitles, which hold the attention of readers.

You should develop some in-depth contents for those who love to know more about your products and services. That does not take you away from the fact that is there is a sizable population, which is hard pressed for time perpetually and in need of skimmable content.

A past survey had found that targeted audience could be segregated into skimmers and readers. You have to address the requirements of skimmers who spend most of the time reading sidebar summaries, pull quotes, subheads and headlines.

#Analyzing the importance of social liking

Social linking is a kind of persuasion strategy. The likes that you find against a post on social media site like Facebook do not speak of number only. Likes are social validations, which show that a brand is preferred.

In general, people like to trust products or services that their friends and relatives use. Look at the example to see how social liking can bring success from social media campaigns.

A content writing services India company has highlighted that one of its clients named XYZ has attained 100000 likes on Facebook. When the readers will come across this post, chances are that most of them will like to purchase the products and services of that client.

#Posting news, updates and positive thoughts

People love to share excitement and joy. These are the positive feelings that they want to share most of the time. You should always write contents that generate positive feelings among readers.  Experienced content writers use several social media content writing tips and strategies to develop interest among readers towards your business. This is one of those strategies.

For example, if you are into the musical instrument business and a local artist is being featured in one of the music reality shows, you will like to follow the story and keep your audience informed about the latest developments.

#Set grounds for emotional connections

People love to share content that gives rise to emotions like awe, happiness and sympathy. It is important for you to trigger these emotions if you wish to make your posts viral.

Before posting your content, conduct an emotional check. Check whether the content makes you feel vulnerable, weep or laugh. If the content creates an emotional connection with you, it will be read more by your social media readers. Emotion develops a bond between prospects and brands even when they have the choice of buying unbranded items at cheap prices.

#Post contents at right time

When you post contents, you need to take care of time. Posting contents at a proper time helps you to engage your audience smartly.

Such social media content writing tips make sure that the contents that have been developed after putting enormous efforts do not go unnoticed. The writing service analyzes the nature of your readers. It will find out when your readers spend most of the time on various social media platforms. Accordingly, it will develop the posting strategy.

#Promote your brand in right light

In order to establish an emotional connection with your audience, your brand has to represent something. As a marketer, you should know that your brand should stand for something. Else, your branding objectives will not be realized. The purpose of branding done in the social media campaigns is to connect your business to the appropriate audience.

#Sharing great stories

When a content writing services India company is hired to run social media campaigns, it shares intriguing stories that help the client to engage audience smartly.

You have to motivate your social media followers in order to share stories and publish them on your Facebook wall. You can also provide an opportunity to your followers for linking stories on Twitter or to your website. Motivating your followers for sharing stories will bring in a sense of personalization and belongingness to your social media campaigns.

Writing intriguing stories fall under necessary social media content writing tips. You can present the story through creative means by including videos and images. Keep in mind that you have to add emotional appeal and credibility to your social media campaigns and ensure you create a need for getting associated with your brand.

#Inspiring confidence with endorsements

Endorsements are parts of marketing activities and are great. Nowadays, social media campaigns are gaining mileage as the brands are endorsed by celebrities.

Any post endorsed by an industry giant, celebrity or another influencer can help you attain a lot of exposure. Endorsements infuse confidence in your brand that helps you to put efforts for making your social media campaigns successful.

#Add images and videos

People love to watch images and videos. While running social media campaigns, including images can speak thousands of words. Images convey messages in short time and effectively.

Videos are more engaging and the audience is not required too much effort in understanding the message. Readers will not have to stress their brains to go through tedious texts to understand what the brand is conveying.  You can use these tools for making your social media contents compelling.

The stocks

When you visit The Stocks, you will number of images that are royalty free. You can use a few images to make your content appealing.


Canva is an online tool, which allows you to design images by putting minimal effort. The idea to use the tool for creating attractive blogs may fall in line with social media content writing tips.

The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a tool where you can find hundreds of icons for conveying messages by using simple designs.


Vine is an online tool, which helps you to create short videos for your social media contents.

#Using Proper Hashtags

A content writing services India company uses Hashtags in contents while running marketing campaigns on social media sites like Twitter. In order to make your contents standout, search for hashtags that are targeted towards your business.

By following the trends of hashtags, you have chances of attaining better visibility for your contents. Your contents will experience increased shares in the form of re-tweets.

#Ask Questions

How to engage your readers on social media platforms? The secret lies at asking questions. You have to create an element of personalization by asking questions on lifestyles to your audience. You can also ask them regarding how they spent their weekends. People love to share information about themselves and read answers that are posted by others in their circle.

You should make a point for publishing questions that are related to your brand. You need to your readers to provide feedbacks about your products or services.

Ask questions that help in generating leads or boosting sales. Social media content writing tips involve the process of devising apt questions for your brand. A content writing firm can also answer questions smartly on behalf of you.

#Adopt conversational approach

Social media is a digital space where people want to spend time for relaxation. You should never feel tensed while communicating with your targeted audience.

When you interact with your audience, you have to use social media terms in your conversation. Your approach should be conversational so that your audience will feel that you care about their requirements.

You have to use contractions without overdoing it. It is crucial for you to remain professional. However, you need to understand what your audience is trying to say behave in such a way that they feel comfortable. A friendly approach can help you build close relation with your audience.

#Share Tips

People take to social media for finding special deals. For that reason, you should provide freebies, free downloadable guides and discounts to your audience so that their engagement becomes strong during your social media campaigns.

For example, you are running an online gift shop. On the occasion of the Mother’s Day, you have announced 10% discount on every purchase. You will find an increase in the sales volume.

#Solving the problems of your audience

Businesses should follow social media content writing tips to develop intimate relationships with their customers. The strong relationship can be developed, if you solve the issues faced by your prospects in short time. This kind of approach helps in fetching better return on investment.

These are the tips which you should follow to write better social media contents. Well-researched contents can increase your follower base on social media and lead to increased sales. Before writing contents, you have to understand the psychology of your targeted audience. You may have to undertake some trial and error tests. At the end, you will discover a path that helps you to fetch success for your business. While developing contents, you should include images or videos. An image or video helps your targeted audience to understand your message easily. Readers share contents that contain an image. While posting contents, you should ask relevant questions regarding your brand to the audience. Collect the feedbacks, so that you can know what your prospects want. For building a close relationship with the audience, you have to solve their issues in shortest possible time. For making the most of social media content writing tips you need to know when your prospects are active on social media platforms. This approach makes sure that your content development efforts do not go in vain.

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