April 22 2011

Some Must-Have Books For Those Eager To Make It As A Writer

Having a grasp on the basics of grammar and a good amount of vocabulary in kitty will not be enough for a content writer who wants to make it big. Journalists and feature writers are often in their throes to perfect their writing skills and they dig into voluminous books to maul their imperfect styles. One of the titles that has a great sway over the newspaper and broadcasting industry in the United States is the Associated Press Stylebook and the Briefing on Media Law, popularly known as AP Stylebook. Often referred to as the Bible of journalists, this book is a huge repository of different elements of writing such as grammar, punctuation, abbreviation etc. If you are serious about your writing job, you should dip in and out of the book whenever you can steal a while.

Usually a style guide offering information about the grammar, spellings, usages and reporting practices, this book is updated every year by the Associated Press editors. While this book is a must for budding writers, there are some other popular titles that one must peek into to sand their writing styles.

Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA): The APA publication manual is one of the most popular titles in the world offering learners and writer in the domain of journalism and behavioral sciences. The content of this manual comprises almost everything from modern grammar to citation style and bibliography creation. The American Psychological Association also sets norms related to public health and psychology and offers guidelines for writing theses and articles on social and behavioral sciences.

The Elements of Style: This is a basic reference book that can deliver an ardent writer when his brain runs out of ideas on reference and writing styles. Naturally, it helps both young writer and professional people. The first impression of this book was published some fifty years back and but the updated version of it informs all the problems areas of language and usage.

The Chicago Manual of Style: It is elitist in that it was basically meant for silver hair writers who submit scholarly articles and peer reviews to renowned journals. But the latest version of the book has broadened its focus and offers useful style-related information to modern web and print media. The books proves to be a great help in writing websites, digital publications, magazines, corporate reports and many more such stuffs.

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: Seemingly, writing is a good work but when you go thorough your own writing, you might be appalled to find many a lapse and mistake. If this experience frequents you, the Self-Editing for Fiction Writers can be a useful respite. A fast writing is sure to have some mixing of tenses and errors in grammar. A good utilization of this book will help you eliminate these follies.

A Short Story Writer’s Companion: If you are of a creative bent and nourish the desire to become a storyteller or author, it is presumable that you will begin with the former. A Short Story Writer’s Companion will act like an honest buddy to offer you assistance regarding how to begin your story, what the tone should be, and how the plot should revolve. This book offers a good reading apart from information related to dialogue framing and building of narrative structure.

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