October 18 2012

Some Practical Tips for Freelancers

It does not matter whether freelancing is your second job or your sole source of earning; it is to be done with dedication. It does not really matter if people think that freelancers are actually “unemployed”, you know what your job is and should give it your 100% to succeed in the field.  Here are some tips that can help you succeed as a professional freelance writer:

  • Get yourself a professional atmosphere. It does not matter if you do not have a home office; create your own workspace as it is necessary for improving productivity. Keep your reference work, equipments and supplies handy and well organized. Once you show sincerity towards your work, the people around you will automatically start respecting your space and time.
  • Be particular about your financial worth. If you are a beginner, you might have to start at a lower range. But once you gain experience in delivering content writing service and attain a level of success, do not delay in raising your price. Stop working for meager prices as it is neither worth your effort nor your time.
  • Making yourself aware of your communication, marketing and negotiating skills will help you be confident when dealing with clients for negotiating your price, submitting queries and corresponding during projects.
  • Never miss deadlines. It creates a very unprofessional image. And in case you are sure that you are going to miss one, make your client aware of it in advance.
  • Maintain a meticulous record of the work you submit and the feedback you get. Also, update contract information and schedule your timelines.
  • Try to do the most tedious work in the beginning of the day since you are at your productive best at that time.
  • If you do not have enough work to fill in your work time, do not waste it by doing unproductive things; instead spend the time writing and submitting your queries and researching your next clients.
  • Get to know your fellow freelance writers. In case you are too busy to take up a project, you can recommend someone else and, in turn, you can expect them to do the same. Do not treat them as your competitors but as your associates.
  • Take your job seriously. Your writing should be free from grammatical and syntactical errors. Get your facts right before you write it. Double check the spellings of names, company names, job titles etc.
  • Advertise yourself well; it will get you more content writing service projects. Give your ads on the internet, newspapers, flyers and you may also create your own professional website. Research on national and international companies and publications you would like to work with.
  • Be flexible and open to criticism. Accept the formatting alterations, revisions, scheduling changes that your client asks you to do. There are few clients who might find fault in your work. Do not get disappointed, this is a part of the job. If you cannot handle it, you are in the wrong profession.

If you try and follow the above mentioned tips, it will surly be helpful in taking your freelancing career forward.

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