March 27 2012

The Top SEO Secrets of Website Content Writing

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Writing for the web is not the same as writing for newspapers or any other media. Website content writing is a different ballgame altogether. This is because it is totally governed by SEO standards. It does not matter how verbose or persuasive your writing is, if it does not follow certain basic guidelines especially related to SEO, the whole effort can be a sheer waste of time. That is why it is imperative to be aware of the ground rules of SEO content writing so that your writing does the job that it is intended to do perfectly.

Some of the top SEO secrets that a content writer should follow are:

  • Keywords are the most important factor in website content writing. They are nothing but words or phrases that a potential
    customer might type in the search box in order to look out for something. Depending on the product or service you provide, your website content should contain the relevant keywords so that whenever a potential customer types those words, your site appears prominently in the search engine rankings. If you are not sure about the viability of a keyword, you can take the help of third party tools such as Google Ad Words, Wordstream and SEO Book for the purpose. They are widely used in SEO content writing for finding the most appropriate keywords related to a product or service.
  • You must have heard of the saying: too much of anything is bad. The same holds true for keywords too. Your writing should not be stuffed with keywords excessively so that it becomes spammed. This is one of the basic rules of SEO content writing which is often neglected and overlooked.
  • You should always use short sentences when you are writing for the net. The attention span of online visitors is very less and one hand is always on the mouse to search for a better and more comprehensible option. Therefore, you should stick to simple and straightforward sentences which can be understood easily. Complicated and excessively long sentences can scare away visitors permanently.
  • You should make sure there are no grammatical errors. Grammatical mistakes in website writing convey a very bad impression about the owner of the website. You should refrain from it and get your copy proof-read several times. It is the duty of a content writer to make sure his writing is free of grammatical and syntactical errors.
  • The body of your article should convey what the title promises. Articles abound on the net where the title promises something and the body talks about something else altogether. A content writing company should instruct its writers to pay special importance to it so that the readers do not feel cheated.

Following these simple rules can keep you in good stead as far as writing content for the web is concerned. A content writing company should instill these principles in a budding writer so that he is able to deliver interesting yet relevant content that does the desired job of attracting visitors.

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