September 17 2014

Things to Know Before Hiring a Content Writer

The update of Hummingbird has made the importance of quality content very clear. Now, businesses are thinking on how to generate new content on a regular basis. Their marketing teams have lot of other tasks to handle, which includes the giant space, social media. So, who is it that can go on generating quality content on a regular basis? Well, it is a content writing professional.

However, before you hire one you need to be absolutely sure about the capabilities of the writer. After all he or she is the person who will be mouthing your business messages; and even a little mistake can distort your message, ruining the image of your business to a great extent.
Hiring a good content writer can save your company lot of time, which would have otherwise, gone into content creation. However, the writer that you hire should have in-depth knowledge about your industry and marketing strategy. For this you can hire a content writing agency. The professionals working there are experienced people who know how to go about which kind of write-up. Besides, they have research tools and media contacts to craft you a cohesive strategy for marketing. Moreover, the professionals working in these firms are generally aware of all the new algorithms of Google, thus, giving you content that is capable of reaching the top place in Google.

In case you are working with a freelance writer, quoting the fee is very important. The phrase ‘You get what you pay for’ aptly applies to writers. Hence, do not settle for the lowest offer when placing your bid. You should know that there are several writers out there who can work for you at the lowest prices, but the quality that they will produce will certainly not be worthy. In fact, the writers who work at a cheap price often do not write themselves, but simply spin content with the help of free software, and give it to you. You certainly would not want your company and its image to suffer only for a few bucks. Remember that Google wants quality content; so, compromising on it is a strict no-no. It is better to be prepared for paying a decent price for quality write-ups.

Writing Content for Web Requires the following Capabilities:

  • Writing ability

This is the very first thing that you should check in a writer. A writer who does not have the ability to write is absolutely of no use. You can ask the prospects to provide you with samples of their published work. If they give you small blogs to see, you can ask them for longer write-ups, to find out if they actually have the writing mettle. Once you get the samples, go through them carefully to see if you like the way they write or how grammatically sound the writer is.
A capable web content writer should be capable of doing the following:

  • Breaking up long blocks of texts into smaller chunks
  • Including calls to action in each and every post
  • Formatting texts with sub heads, numbered lists and bullet points
  • Breaking up content into steps and sections

If the writer refuses to show samples, then you can take a written test of the candidate by calling him or her to your office. This written test should comprise portions of grammar and articles and blogs on things that your company deals in.
If the prospect, by any chance, refuses to appear for the test, then it is better to keep looking.

  • Web content writing ability

There are many people who have a good command on language, but are not aware about how to write for the internet. A content writer should know that writing content for the web is different. Web is visited by all kinds of people; right from the not-so educated to educated ones. So, the writing should be such that can be understood by all; however, until and unless the writer is asked to write for a certain category of people. This means no using bombastic language, but a lucid and engaging one. When users see lofty language, they seldom do visit the site again.

  • Experience in the industry

When a writer has experience in the industry, it means that he or she knows what to write and how to write for your business. However, if that is not the case, then ask the prospect if he or she can do the research and frame the content.

  • Writing style

Be sure about the writing style that you want, and then see if the writing style of the candidate matches it or not. Experienced writers should be able to adapt the style and tone of your business or industry. Ask the prospect about his or her style; the kind of content that he or she feels most confident writing. The answer shall tell you if the candidate should be chosen or not.

  • Search Engine Optimization

A good web content writer has to know the basics of search engine optimization. He or she should be familiar with the concept of keywords, keyword density, and optimization of headers, title, content and links.

  • Revisions

Revisions are very important. Hence, you need to make sure beforehand that the writer you are choosing is open to making revisions. A good content writing professional should cooperate with you, and even offer to make revisions on his own.

  • Meeting deadlines

This is a very important quality of a content writer. Time is money in search engine optimisation strategy. Google favours sites, whose backlinks increase at a steady pace. You have to avoid dips or spikes in online article submission. Hence, you need a writer who honours your time and respects deadlines. Writing online does not mean much if you do not maintain a steady flow of articles being posted on a regular intervals.
Whether you are working with a freelancer or a content writing company, it is very important to choose the right people. On you part, make sure that the lines of communication are open and be clear with your instructions. With the right writers your brand can reach the right people and in the right way.

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