June 13 2011

Things Your Spec File Should Include While Outsourcing Your Content Writing

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Effective online presence requires businessman to have an impressive website but a website can still lag in its performance due to a failing health owing to poor content which attracts none. In fact, content is the soul of a website and the content must offer the information a visitor comes looking for. These days content writing firms are mushrooming in every turn of the road and they promise high website performance. But in reality when someone googles a keyword or a key phrase in the search box, some websites feature in the first page while millions of others lag behind and scream for attention. It is due to the website content that some of the sites get business while others don’t. There is a huge gap between the demand for good content writing and content writing services available.

But a reliable company which has been offering effective content writing services must have a good portfolio which is a testimony to their years of experience in providing practical solutions. Good content must have the power to generate traffic and satisfy visitors who in turn convert into clients. So, apparently content writing has two constituents—one is relevant information and the other is search engine friendly features. The content must facilitate visibility and conversion.

In view of these requirements of content writing, any piece of content should have the following features.

Focus on the central subject: If you need content for your website which brings clients for you, the quality of the website is more important than that quality of your product. It is only when the content writing persuades a visitor about the superiority of your product, your revenue begins to flow. That is why the content should be focused on what you have for your clients. Attention to this central requirement must never be compromised.

Focus on the sales speech: If you think that the sales speech is important, state it at least twice. Clients always want to know what your service means for them. They don’t like to know your product specification, for these details never engage them. If they think about anything before making a purchase, it is what they are getting for their money. So, make sure that the company providing you content writing services can well relate the benefits of your product and services.

Keep the language easy: Remember that a visitor who happens to land on your website has nine other similar sites on the page your site has found its position. If the language of your content writing is not easy and if your extraordinary vocabulary does not create a spell on him, you lose your valuable customers. Keep the language easy and compact that prompts not a thought but an action.

Keyword density: The search engine operates on a curiously interesting phenomenon. When a person searches for a service, he puts some words in the search box and these words have evolved as keywords or key phrases. Companies offering content writing services must use a perfect set of keywords to reach the target audience. This will improve your site’s search engine ranking.

These are the basic characteristics of content writing and when you outsource your content writing project, your spec file must mention these points. When a content writer ignores these features, a website is doomed to be abandoned.

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