June 20 2011

Three Golden Mistakes of Content Writing

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What is the use of so-much text, audio and video content that continues to freak your senses as long as you are on the desk? Most of these materials prepare the ground for you to escape and look for interesting material in some other site. So, if you contribute to a blog site or to an article directory or even you write for your own website, you square up with your thug self and create content that attracts users, please them and offer useful information. Content writing requires you to be professional in approach and a journalistic in information selection if you want your content to be a table-talk rather than a brainstorming delivery. But again, you are hiring a content writing company, you are running the risk of shrinking your traffic because they are prone to making three mistakes that are synonymous with unprofessional companies.

No editing and proof reading: Most of the professional companies that offer content writing services tend to have writers who speak in our language but have little refinement in grammar use and syntax. Moreover, when they get these content writings done by their writers, they never proof read them to filter out the mistakes and weed away the wrong or loose constructions. It is due to this that you come across sites with content rich in typos and wrong expressions. But the advantage of hiring an experienced content writing company is that they have dedicated editors and proof readers who guarantee flawless output. Value creation is not possible unless the content is delivered in the right and correct way.

Poor post time and again: The job of a content writing company is not much different than that of a publication house. Those engaged in content writing services cannot deny that after a certain time, the creative battery goes dry and producing quality content seems impossible without a refreshing sabbatical. But reality does not provide room for that. But this cannot be an excuse for poor readership either. The only way to keep up the style, quality and output is to read and read. When you assign a content writing company the task of developing blogs for your site on a regular basis, make sure the writers with them have prominent presence in the content writing industry and they have consistently delivered quality content writing over the years. Building core readership needs consistent quality and an upward growth in standard. That means your site will feature best post everyday. Make sure that your content writing company is capable of assuming that charge.

Too much of marketing speech: When a visitor comes to your site looking for information about a service, what will be the effect if the beginning of the content shows “Congratulations! Finally you are at the right place.”? The visitor will flee at once without caring to look below the introduction. Such sales speeches don’t engage visitors who come in search of reliable sources who don’t just SALE services but make life a little better with what they are offering. In that case, major section of the content should focus on telling visitors what they can have for their money. Don’t use too much of marketing speech frequently referring to phrases like ‘affordable price’, ‘competitive rate’, ‘best company’, ‘most reliable source’. These persuasive tags don’t convince visitors. Rather they make the users sceptic and dissatisfied.

The visitors must feel that they are being served at your place and conversion is only possible when they are pleased with the service. So, as you are going to hire a content writing company, make sure that your benefits are reserved.

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