April 30 2012

Tips for Effective Content Writing That Satisfies Both Visitors and Search Engines

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Writing for the web is a different ballgame altogether. This is because in web content writing, you have to cater to two diametrically different sets of audiences: human individuals i.e. website visitors and robots or search engines. The manner of processing information is different in both cases and this makes the job of a content writer all the more challenging. While article writing, he has to take both these factors into account and come up with content that satisfies everyone.

In such a scenario, how can you ensure effective content that is SEO friendly on one hand and readable on the other? Here are a few tips:

  1. Come up with a click-friendly headline: The first thing that will be noticed by readers as well as search engines is the headline. Therefore, write a headline that compels the reader to click on it. Also, do not forget to insert a keyword or key phrase effectively in the headline so that search engines can have an idea about the subject of your content.
  1. Use keywords properly: SEO targeted content does not mean stuffing your article with keywords. Keywords are definitely important but they should be used properly and appropriately. You can go to any company and they will advice you against excessive use of keywords. Use them at the beginning of your article to enable search engines to understand what the page is all about. In the rest of the content, use it judiciously and sparingly. Composing should be such that interests the reader.
  1. Be informative and useful: Readers look for information on the net and your content should provide that. There are different forms of article writing such as entertaining, informative, newsworthy or educational. It does not matter which style you adopt but your content has to be rich, descriptive and useful. It should sufficiently give visitors what they are looking for. Most content writing services hold the opinion that even search engines are capable of identifying information-heavy content.
  1. Adopt a conversational style: No one likes boring content. If you just provide information dryly and uninteresting, nobody would be interested in it. Your approach to content material writing should be such as if you are conversing with a friend. It will make your copy entertaining and appealing.
  1. Do not make use of technical jargon: All industries have certain phrases and buzzwords that are typical to that field only and do not make sense to others. If you are an outsider, you would not be able to make any sense out of them. Steer clear of such words while writing online content for a specific industry. According to content writing services, readers easily get annoyed by incomprehensible acronyms and technical terms.
  1. Use scannable formats: The attention span of online visitors is really low. A professional company opines that using sub-headings in an article is very effective in attracting attention and retaining visitors. Two important formats in article writing that ensure high scannability include how-to and top ten-list formats.

If you follow these simple tips, you can definitely master the art of impeccable and effective online SEO writing.

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