February 25 2011

Tips to help you to be a better blogger

Blog writing is an emerging field in the modern world of internet. Since today more and more people are inevitably drawn to the online contents, scope of blog writing has increased tremendously. If you have an ardent interest in blog writing and are wondering how to make your blog stand out from the crowd, then we have some effective tips to help you out.

Be specific about your purpose: For any blog writer, the first requirement is to identify the purpose of blogging. Decide whether you want your blog to be the public expression of your thoughts or a professional one dealing with any particular area or an editorial page intending to comment on any political or social event. There is no denial that some blogs belong to the group of “just a blog” that combines elements from all the above groups. Even in this case, be sure about any particular idea that your blog shall lay stress on.

Know your audience: Identify your audience who will be really interested in your blog. Select a style and voice that could best convey the essence of your blog to your readers. Avoid using technical jargons and bombastic words that only tend to make your blog difficult to comprehend. Remember, simpler the blog greater will be its readability. Always stay in contact with your readers and allow them to be a part your blog by responding to their comments on regular basis.

Introduce visual effects: It is important to make your blog interesting not only content wise but also visual wise. Choose a visually appealing design for your blog that can prevent your readers from being distracted. Use font styles, color and graphics that suit the theme and tone of your content. No matter what your content is, always avoid using dark letters on the similar background or fancy typefaces that make your blog absolutely unreadable.

Create a User-Friendly Blog: Take some time to ensure that your blog is easy to read and is well-organized. Allow your readers to be well informed about your updates by making it feasible for them to subscribe to your RSS feeds. Place the button for RSS feeds in a visible place so that readers need not make extra effort in searching it. Keep your content concise and to the point without indulging in extraneous details that contribute nothing significant to the blog. As far as possible, do away with add-ons and unnecessary gadgets.

Know the right tools: Several tools are available that can help you create a blog like WYSIWYG HTML editor, such as FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, or the Amaya open source editor. Even a text editor like Notepad can aid you in composing the HTML code. For an easy and convenient blogging, you can follow any particular blogging program or a blogging website that facilitates you to post your blogs either in Web browser or through email. Blog programs like WordPress, Windows Live Writer, Movable Type and Post2Blog are also beneficial.

Post regularly: Once you have successfully gained a number of audiences for your blog, make it a habit to post your blog regularly. It may be unfeasible for you to post blog on daily basis but at least make sure to have a definite blogging schedule. Allow your readers to be a part of your blogging exercise and let them know your schedule. In case you have an emergency and have to deviate from your schedule, let your readers know about it in advance and also the time when you will be back. Remember, it is you who need the readers, so never let them feel abandoned.

Make effort in new arena: Do not stick to a particular category of topics. Instead, throw challenges to yourself in new, untravelled avenues. Though initially you may face hitches in writing these articles, soon you will discover your hidden potentials in these fields too. Practice regularly and you can definitely become a much faster and better blogger. The more you write the more proficient you will become in this field.

Always proofread before posting: Last but the most important, always proofread your blogs before publishing them. No matter how strong are you in your writings, errors may creep into them unconsciously. Look if any typographical errors, misspellings or grammatical flaws have entered into your post and correct them in due time to make your blog truly effective.

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