December 05 2011

Tips to let bloggers hone their article writing skills

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May be the phrase ‘Content is King’ has turned into a cliché but still it is a potent factor whenever you are trying to jot down content for the online medium! Since, web content writing drastically varies; one should not mix between the specific requirements of an article and a blog. Although, information remains the same in an article or a blog but both these pieces are pretty different from each other in terms of tone, pitch and presentation. Article writing holds a serious pitch and its tone is more informative.

In the website content writing industry, an article is presented in uniform paragraphs under headings and sub headings whereas blogs are direct in nature. Blogs, unlike writing an article, are drafted keeping an interactive and conversational tone that should be much like ‘someone’s talking to you directly’. There are several issues that surround the creation of high quality and lucid articles. Writing techniques used by bloggers certainly cannot be applied while writing an article. If you want to produce better articles you must consider certain article writing methods and techniques.

Although, web content writers associated with professional content writing services are familiar with some common methods of writing an article, it is better to hone your expertise, re-focusing your attention over them and ensure that you are going according to the standard article writing routine. The first rule that governs the content writing industry is having a constant check over the quality of the write-ups. Good writing skills come from years of experience and deep knowledge about a wide variety of subjects.

The best way to learn the art of writing an article can be achieved by going through work produced by skillful writers from professional content writing services. This will certainly help you to develop an ear for good lingo for website content writing. However there are precise guidelines, applying which will help bloggers to draft good articles for website content writing industry:-

  • Develop an idea before drafting the article- whenever inspiration strikes for an article concept; do scribble it down
    roughly to save on good and unique ideas. For many bloggers and content writing professionals, researching on a new article topic takes about half the time! If you are having an idea list, expect to leap in your new article while finishing it off before stipulated deadline.
  • Give room to your ideas to incubate- for a blogger, putting ideas into an article may take some time but if you are trying to force your mind to come up with instantly with brilliant supporting information, hold on because it going to take ages! Let the topic settle for a while, giving room to your ideas to incubate and move ahead only when your mind has something accurate to add to it.
  • Edit before putting it down- as soon as you start working on your SEO content writing project, your mind will be cluttered with multiple ideas. But you have to be brutal to cut out some of the additional information while picking only those stuffs which count higher priority on your list. This should be done to ensure that your article contains relevant information and what else it is also going to take lesser time to complete.
  • Keeping it short, simple and crisper- since online visitors love to read clean, organized write-ups, make sure to put your article in short paragraphs with proper headings and sub headings. Even if the tone is kept informative and serious in an article, don’t make it too complicated with undecipherable phrases and languages. Wise bloggers and SEO content writing professionals always try and keep things simple and short with interesting facts and information. Moreover all, interesting details turn articles a lot crisper than geeky facts.
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