June 20 2014

Top 7 Secrets to Success in SEO Content Writing

Writing is a natural flair very few are blessed with. To be able to perceive, conceptualize and express what you think, is indeed, a great quality. Many possess a passion for writing and wish to turn this passion into profession. For them, the field of web content writing is a big attraction. There is a huge demand for creative and competent people in this field. Top SEO firms look for individuals who can produce innovative and keyword-rich articles. The demand is obvious since everyone resorts to online resources for information related any topic. And to be precise, everyone goes through contents that are engaging, interactive and informative. So, what is the success mantra for SEO content writers? Do they follow any special strategies to achieve success? Yes, they do.
If you are an aspiring content writing professional and want to enhance your skills, let me tell you what can actually lead you to the winning path. Here are the top seven rules that veteran content writers follow.

In-depth Research is Necessary

Articles need to be as much informative as possible to help readers. So, the more you research, the better it will be for your content. Sticking to only one source of information is not a good idea. It may decline the quality of your work. Suppose you wish to discuss about a product or service on the whole. Then, at first decide what you wish to highlight in the piece. Is it the characteristics, unique selling points, the product story or all of these? Once you decide on what you intend to emphasise, carry out the study and I bet it will be much easier.
While conducting research, make sure that you do not deviate from the exact topic. I know sometimes, it becomes difficult to find adequate resource for an article. In that situation you may have to include some other points that are not that much relevant to the main subject-matter. In fact, this is the time when the true test of your creativity takes place and you have to prove how smart a content writer you are.

Right and Effective Keywords form the Essence of SEO Content Writing

You will definitely want your article to show up in the search engine results. Otherwise what is the meaning of your effort? And the correct keywords can ensure that. Here also extensive research is necessary. Recognize the keywords that are in demand and competitive. The keywords you choose must relate to the site where you wish to publish your content. They must be accurate and prompt to draw the right visitors to that site.
Research tools are available to gain valuable information about the worth and competitiveness of keywords. A good PR tool can help you check the rank of your target keywords.

Catchy Title is Essential

Once you have completed the research, it is time to start writing and the first job is to choose an attractive title. No matter how much effort you put in making the body content an interesting read, if the title is common and boring, you can hardly expect any appreciation. If the title is out-of-the-ordinary and captivating, readers will feel the urge to click and subsequently go through the entire write-up.
Title is the first thing that a reader notices about an article. Think from a reader’s point of view, the job will be easier and more rapid. And yes, keep the title short.

A striking Introduction is Commendable

Let’s say your innovative mind has helped you with an appealing title. Next comes another important task. It is creating an exciting introductory paragraph. The introduction decides whether the reader will look through the following paragraphs and the conclusion.
A perfect introduction is one which gives a fair idea regarding the purpose of the piece. It must be arresting so as to convince the reader to read the whole content.
I actually believe that coming up with an engrossing title and a gripping introduction is a big challenge for content writers. You can overcome this challenge if you are able to grasp the theme.

Perfect Placement of Keywords is Crucial

SEO articles are keyword-rich articles. But, this does not really mean you have to place keywords forcefully. Maintain a keyword density of 2 percent throughout the article irrespective of the word count. Repeated use of keywords without any relevance makes a piece dull, uninteresting and monotonous.
It is best to mention a keyword in the first, middle and the concluding part of web content. Going overboard about it can spoil your style of writing and the overall appeal of your article. In addition to this, the content becomes preachy instead of being promotional.

Tone Needs to be Accurate and Relevant

The tone of writing either makes or breaks an article. An interactive style is praiseworthy when it comes to writing for web. Be it technical writing, penning down a piece about lifestyle or serious news; lending a personal touch is always welcome. For example, a tone for writing a blog and that for a press release is different. The former calls for an informal approach while a little amount of formal pitch is necessary for the latter.
An out-and-out professional tone often makes it difficult to convey thoughts and views. On the other hand, a slight casual approach tends to be easier for both the writers and readers. The writers can express their opinions clearly in intelligible words and the readers can figure out what the former has presented. You have to balance the two well.

Proper Edit is Vital

Every creation requires a finishing touch to be flawless. So, do not forget to run a discreet scrutiny of your article before publishing it. Even if you are pretty sure about your skills, you should not ignore this final and significant step. Scrutinizing helps you find out minor mistakes such as, typos and bigger ones, like missing out on an important point.
Proofread is the road to perfection. Isn’t it the right maxim for content writers?
Hope, these seven success secrets will make you a winner in the SEO content writing field.

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