May 06 2013

Top Blogging Myths That You Need to Avoid

Blog writing has gained immense popularity over the last decade. While blogs were initially written by business houses to communicate directly with their customers, today it is written by home makers, freelance writers, small business houses as well as teens studying in schools. But, not all of them are successful because most are led by some blogging myths, thereby ruining their blogging career.

Here is a list of blogging myths that should be avoided to attain success in the field:

Blogging is easy:

It is not. Writing blogs is not an easy job. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication, passion and finally patience to make a successful blog. If you think that you will become popular within a month of beginning the blog, you may get disappointed. You need to work consistently at producing good content, driving more and more traffic, managing marketing campaigns, keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest trends in blogging etc. Only then can you expect your blog to get popular.

Blog writing brings in easy money:

Yes, it does but only after you have carved a place for yourself in the World Wide Web. Do not expect to earn money soon after starting to write. You need months to make a place for yourself in the heart of readers. And you can earn a lot only after you have done that.

Tons of money is needed to start a blog:

Yes, you do need some money to market yourself but certainly not tons of it. If you write well that touches people, you are bound to flourish. Blog is ultimately about what you write and not how many inbound links you have. Even if you have tons of money to get several inbound links, your site will not succeed if it fails to please the readers.

You need to post every single day:

You absolutely do not need to post everyday. Instead, what you can do is post once or twice a week. This allows you the time to research, rest and produce quality content. The key is to stick to a routine. If you decide to post twice a week, make sure you never miss it. It creates a bad impression. You should value the fact that some readers out there are waiting for your post. Hence, you need to post on time so that they do not get disappointed.

However, that is not to say posting everyday is wrong. Go ahead if you can produce consistent quality writings 365 days a week.

You have to be an expert in writing:

There are people who give up even before beginning, thinking that they are not expert writers. They think that bloggers need to have an experience or qualification in writing to start posting. Well, that is not the case. There are three things you need to write successful blogs – a passion for writing, ability to write meaningful sentences and, finally, knowledge. If you have these three, start posting today.

Blog writing is neither rocket science nor child’s play. You simply need to create the right mindset and social popularity to attain success at it. So, let go of these myths, choose a topic you love and start writing.


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