August 20 2015

Use Crowdsourcing in Content Writing Services to Enhance your Audience

Are you trying to have a greater traffic than what you generally have in your blog site? In that case, you can opt for crowdsourcing. It is a useful way to post content to grow your audience. Crowdsourcing helps in introducing manifold audience to the site. In the event that you want to learn more about this unique technique, go through the following blog.

Crowdsourcing as a concept became well-accepted when companies started crowdsourcing investment as a way of earning capital. However, here we are not talking about crowdsourcing product development. Our topic here deals with utilization of Internet and effective content from influencing people to generate enhanced traffic to your business.

Content Writing Services and Crowdsourcing

In the simplest sense, crowdsourcing refers to the process of approaching a group of people whose effort you can use to get enhanced footfall to your blog site. You can move further ahead by asking experts on a particular field to help you write content. Make sure that these experts should come with a large fan following. Such experts are called ‘influencers,’ who like the Pied Piper of Hamlin is trusted by a large band of people.

Suppose you are a Continental chef. You have a considerable following as far as Italian and French cuisine is concerned. People love to read your blogs, such as, “Five Tips to Safely Preserve Cheese” and actually follow your tips. Your videos get thousands of visits and followers embed the blog with a bag full of admirations.

Now, one night you dream that you were the royal chef in the court of an Asian king. The very next day, you start writing blogs about Asian dishes. It’s not that you are a novice as far as cooking such items is concerned, but will your audience accept it?
You find visits to your YouTube videos and blog posts dwindling every passing day. “What did I do to lose my followers,” you wonder.

Simple, rope in an Asian chef with clout and see the difference. Even though, some of the tips and recipe videos he provides are simple, people gorge on them because they love him.

Let’s go through the Importance of Crowd sourced Content in Content Writing Services

# Connectivity with people

It does not matter whether you want to communicate with an audience or an influencer, a great content works its way to the initiation of a conversation and finally an online relationship.

# Reaching out

What are the kinds of things you share with people? Okay, let’s give it a thought. The answer is – most of the things you spend on. You share your experience with people you know and trust me, you do it quite happily. If you involve an influencer or two, for writing on your site, you could address a huge audience.

# Building trust

Building an authority requires time. You cannot become a favorite of the audience all on summer’s day. When you associate with influencing people in your niche, you generate trust. This is an efficacious technique that heralds success.

A Brief on the Types of Crowdsourced Content in Content Writing Services

# Poll your destination audience

You can adopt this approach only when you are gifted with a large audience. Find out their problems and sort them out, by posting an article like, “Ten Serious Issues Faced by (Audience).” You can search for readers who come up with useful stories and form articles that answer the needs of other readers.

# Ask influencers a question and then compile their answers

Asking influencers in your niche to answer questions creates an ‘expert roundup.’ It is somewhat like an interview, but with one or two questions and answers are posted for the benefit of the audience. These answers act as useful content writing to grow your audience.

Polling audience is a valid way to obtain feedback and ultimately, forge effective content. However, it is not productive if you are looking for blog growth. Mark my words; asking for answers from experts is more effective. It takes advantage of the authority they yield over readers to enable the growth of your blog.

Here is a Revelation of Content Writing Services that can Maximize your Shares and Visits

You can do best by crowdsourcing small and mid-sized blog content from influencers. These categories of blogs emphasize on growth. But, you need to keep in mind that not every crowdsourced article receives shares.

Pick the correct question to ask the expert

Choose the right question. Ask one wrong question and your endeavor collapses right where you start it, because the experts won’t bother to respond.

Thus, the question remains, “How to describe the correct question?”

Make sure that it is neither too simple, nor too complex and does not come with a conspicuous reply. If the question is adjoined with a simple answer, the expert will find it pointless to answer; if it is too complicated, he or she will not take the trouble to answer and if he finds it too obvious, he will realize that you are more interested to get traffic than creating a good content.

The most effective way to find useful questions is to conduct a keyword search. Let us suppose, you write for a clothing and accessories site. Keywords for such a site might be the following.

• attractive dresses
• fashionable accessories
• style statement
• dress like a diva

Plan a step-by-step procedure to get the right question

Step 1: Take the first keyword and enter it in the search box.

Step 2: Next, click on the ‘Topic’ section on the left menu to search for the most popular topic relevant to the keyword. If you select a popular keyword, you will get a group that has several followers.

Step 3: Now, look at the questions with the maximum ‘upvotes.’ Always remember to search for questions that can be answered by someone.

Let us imagine, you ask this question to experts: “How do I realize that I am buying the most desired dress of the season?” This seems quite an open-ended question the answer of which would be quite a complicated a one. Modify the question a little and ask, “Which dress according to you is the most up-market dress for a wedding season?”

This way, go through as many keywords and search for as many questions as you can. This helps in coming up with the right type of question.

Harness the Most Persuasive Tool of Content Writing Services

Now, that you know about the different types of crowdsourced content and the supremacy of one over the other, take your pick and attract generous traffic to your site. Implement quality content to grow your audience and notice the difference in your blog site.

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