November 16 2012

Useful Tips on Optimizing your Blog Posts and Article Writing

Blogging can be extremely helpful in selling and marketing your business products. But it may not be that productive if you are not doing that extra bit to optimize it. Article writing is not the only thing that needs optimization; blogs too need to be optimized in order to improve its visibility on the internet. Maintaining a Search Engine Optimized blog allows effective marketing without the restraints of website development and architecture.

Here are some tips to optimize your blog:

  • Add interesting titles: This immediately catches the attention of a potential reader. Make sure that they are uncomplicated and straight forward. They should clearly and concisely state the objective of your blog. If possible, try to add a keyword in the title; this will make it more SEO friendly.
  • Be confident: Always voice your opinion with confidence. Your writing should spell authority. Other blogs are likely to link to yours if they find your writing authoritative. This will finally enhance the blog’s performance on the search engine.
  • Incorporate visual elements: This visual element can be an image, a video or a piece of artwork. Apart from making your blog more appealing, these elements will also do the job of breaking up the text relieving it of monotony.
  • Introduce an attractive format: It should be appealing to the eyes of the readers. Reading long unending paragraphs can be very tedious, so break up your paragraphs into small sub-paragraphs. Include bold and italic fonts to emphasize on the desired points. Also, instead of paragraphs, try to write in bullet points. All these make reading easy and interesting.
  • You should share: Sharing boosts readership and attracts more traffic to your website. An effective way of sharing your post is to link it to social media websites like Twitter, Orkut, Facebook etc. This enables the readers to pass on your blog post to their friends. This ultimately increases your readership. Another way of exporting your blogs to enthusiastic readers is to offer RSS or Really Simple Syndication for your posts.
  • Calls-to-Action: Try to have a call-to-action link in your landing page that provides special offers, e-books, trail memberships etc. Also add CTAs to your main text as well as to the sidebars and footers. This helps in boosting sales and leads.
  • Offer instructions: Try to instruct your readers on how to reach their goals and solve their problems which may be professional as well as personal. Introduce easy-to-follow steps as it will make your blog more likely to be shared by the readers.
  • Use figures of speech: These include metaphors, similes, analogies etc. Use it efficiently so that the contrasts actually bring out the similarities. This makes the content interesting and relevant.
  • A lighter mood: Your writing should have a lighter mood instead of the serious tone of article writing. Try to entertain your readers through your writing. Even serious topics can be written with a touch of lightness. Introduce puns, jokes and keep a jovial mood. This makes the reading experience relaxing.

So, you see optimizing your blog is not rocket science. It can be done easily thereby extending its reach.

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