October 25 2011

Vanishing gap between Content Writing and SEO Content Writing

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There was a time when SEO content writing used to be a part or subnet of content writing. Only professional content writing services could provide SEO writing services. However, with the recent changes in the search engine’s algorithm and after the famous ‘Panda Update’ search engines have become very much conscious about the quality of articles. Many webmasters used to hire website content writing services to create keyword stuffed pages just for the sake of adding junk text to their website. Since search engines have implemented various techniques to understand the quality of content, whenever you are writing a page for a website you cannot ignore the users any more.

 Social sharing is an important metric now

 Assume you have thousands of web pages on your website full with relevant and optimized content. But these pages are not being shared on the social media such as facebook, twitter or Google Plus. Then these pages will have little value in the eyes of the search engines, especially Google.

There was a time when SEO content writing used to mean content writing process that makes optimum use of the keywords – that’s it. But now SEO content writing means writing attractive text that is ‘talkable’.

Of course you have to use the keywords in the text to make it useful for the search engines. But users are at the heart of the process now. There is no room for useless junk texts anymore; a lot of webmasters used to appoint content writing services to make multiple copies of the same content. These articles are unique as per as the plagiarism is concerned; but topically all are same. Even worse, some webmasters used to buy article spinning software to create multiple copies of the same article automatically. And then they would publish these articles on their website or on several article directories to get links from relevant content pages.

To prevent such malpractices, search engines made major tweaks to their algorithm and finally Google introduced the Panda Update to consider the quality of articles before giving any point to the websites for hosting the text.

Search engines are mere computer programs; unlike a human being they cannot understand how good the content of a web page is. As a remedy they have started counting the social sharing thing. The logic is simple: if an article is useful and worth reading then readers would share it on their social profiles. Based on the social sharing content can have different grades.

So content writing has got a new dimension now; not only the keywords but the writers have to think how useful it is going to be for the readers as well. While hiring content writing services you should make sure that the website content writing company is aware of these facts.

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