March 21 2016

5 Winning Ways to Leverage Brand Tracking for the Success of your Content

You have been writing content for your company for over a year. Yet, the website is not receiving the desired amount of traffic, leave alone conversion. You are worried and are trying to find out a way. As a professional, you must be aware of the importance of knowing about the activities of your rivals. You must also be aware of matching your skills with theirs.  Therefore, just by writing attractive blogs, you may not be able to grasp the limelight. As a content writing professional, you should keep track of your performance and the content published by your competitors. This process of learning about your brand and that of its competitors is called brand tracking.


Tracking the content marketing activities of other companies in the industry can give you an insight about what people want. Who knows? Maybe you are offering your readers something that they don’t even want. Getting an idea about the preferences and likes of your target audience can help your company climb the ladder of success.

Brand tracking comes with the following advantages.

# Offers knowledge about who can be your prospective audience

You can create a larger audience base by taking a peek at what your competitors do. Do you not want to reach out to new audience? But how can you, if you don’t even know who they are? It is important to know how the competitor companies are making use of their contents and what reader base they are targeting.  This approach assists in knowing who can read your content. You can also fathom what types of readers can become your audiences.

# Provides insight about the right marketing strategies

When you know how the competitors are using their content, you can get an idea about their content marketing tactics. As a content writing professionally you need to know which type of marketing technique can hit the mark. It can also offer insight about the topics that readers like to read and those that they do not even go through.

Have you taken note of the time-gap between the contents posted by your rivals? Posting contents on the same topic thrice in a week can mar your ability to draw the audience. On the other hand, posting a blog once in a month can be effective, only if you offer solid information. So, you can take the middle course of action and post one blog per week.

I am not saying that every strategy applied by your competitors is right and you should adopt them. Taking a look at what other brands do can also tell you where they went wrong. Try and avoid their mistakes. For instance, one of your competitors posted a three thousand word blog. You notice that the blog has views but no comments. This shows that even though readers started reading the blog, they did not finish it.

# Gives an idea about existing audience

Like all other domains, the content writing domain too seeks to retain its existing followers. You can understand what your existing followers want by resorting to social media. There is no use denying the role played by social media in the growth and development of brands. You can post two blogs on two separate topics related to your services. The blog, which gets maximum views and comments, is the one. This approach can assist you to understand, which service is currently needed by your followers.

# Allows you an edge over your competitors

If you want your content to rank on search engine ranking pages, what can be better than competing with your rivals? Don’t get me wrong. But, brand tracking is helpful in competing with your rivals. When you are aware of the right strategies and right topics to write about, you tend to perform better. Moreover, the knowledge about the mistakes of your rivals can give you an upper hand over them.

# Tells you about relevant topics

By tracking the performance of your company you can realize, which type of topics has more readerships. This can give you a fair idea about what topic is favored by your audience. In order to know what topics can give your company a better conversion rate you need to do the following.

  • Keep tab on the topics that repeatedly come in the comment sections of your blog and the blogs of your competitors.
  • Mark the posts that engaged many readers due to its exclusive information.

With the help of brand tracking, you can create useful content writing specimens. Have you already started tracking brands? If not, these points can convince you to track your brand’s performance and that of your competitor companies. Track brands and watch your own brand reaching the zenith of success.

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