September 01 2016

9 Key Elements To Make Web Content Management Work Positively

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The content of web pages plays the integral role in defining the performance of the site. It is the content that makes audience visits or avoids the site. If the content is rich and informative enough, there would be the strong and continuous presence of traffic. On the other hand, if the content lacks that crispness and fails to engage the audience, the site’s performance would deteriorate strongly. That’s the reason why website content writing has such bigger demand in the market. Many designers forget to focus on the content and give more importance to the designing part of the site. What it does is losing out on potential clients, even though the initial response looks mighty impressive. While designing and architecture of the site are important, but it’s the content that would be the major contender in making a site reach the highest point of the ladder or drop down beneath the control.

Always remember, content is the king and primary key to success. Designers who would forget to do so would falter big times in the longer run.

So, what exactly are web content and web content management?

Anything that gets featured within a website can be termed as web content. It could be text, images, audio, video, or animation. Web content management is the process through which the contents are managed properly for higher ranking in the search engine directories. Theoretically speaking, a professional content writer would always segregate the web content into two distinctive types:

1. Text or written contents 

Probably the most common example of website content, texts is easy to form and put on the page. It is the written content that conveys information to the readers. The text could be included in the text blocks or within the image. The best form of text content would definitely be informative and original. It must not be mere copy and paste from some kind of print source. Text based website content writing must feature great and legitimate internal links in order to help readers accumulate more information. Also, the content must be developed to cater globally. The language should be simple English with no inclusion of fancy words or phrases. Remember, the world is watching. Your approach would definitely matter in the performance of the site.

2. Multimedia contents in the form of images, videos, and audio files

Multimedia contents are also essentially important for websites. Some of the common multimedia types that a professional content writer would include on the site are listed below:

    •   Images
    •   Video
    •   Animation
    •   Sound

The most common animation effects are developed using GIF imaging technology or through the use of AJAX, Flash, and other types of animation tools. Unless the website is going to display animated movies or web cartoon, the animation part should not be done in excess. It is recommended to keep the animation part in moderation. Of all the multimedia elements mentioned in the above list, images are the most common and widely used by any content writer for the part. Simply with the use of some kind of graphics editor or picture scanning device, images or drawings could be included within the website content.  However, prior to inserting the images, they need to be properly optimized. That would make way for faster downloading. They are also perfect elements to make the web page interesting. The inclusion of images to any web content would make it look more interesting. Their presence helps in adding interest to the pages. Designers usually use them to decorate the contents they develop.

The sound could be perfectly embedded into a web page. Sometimes, link to the sound is also provided. Once the link is clicked, the sound gets turned on. Always remember, sounds present within the page could well be controversial if it keeps playing with the opening of the page and doesn’t feature the option to turn it off.

Video inclusion is the extremely popular option for graphic elements inside a web page. However, it could be challenging enough to include a video that would work perfectly fine with any and every browser.

9 elements for superior website content writing

# Be original

Always be original in the approach. Copied contents would never create a mark among the readers. When the content is unique and original, it would go a long way with any reputed search engine directory like Google and Bing. Also, it would cater largely to the readers. Being original assures returning visitors to the site as well creating new ones. Remember, copying contents from other sites is a punishable offense from Google. It would ultimate hamper your site’s reputation and lead to banning.

Do you want some proof?

Well, of late, have you tried searching for EZINE articles through Google’s search engine? What have you seen? Are they available on the top of the search engine? Hopefully, not!  It’s not an accident. There has been quality checking policy incurred by Google to prevent bad contents from getting ranked higher in the search engine directory. Poor quality contents were a threat to Google’s reputation in the web world. As a result, the algorithm update from Google makes it difficult for plagiarized and irrelevant contents to make a mark in the Google’s search engine ranking.

A content firm that keeps updating copied contents would be prosecuted by Google or any other reputed search engines. Being original is the key to successful website content writing. It is necessary to focus on originality of the content. The ideas being cultivated within the content must be original. It would not be a likely idea to rehash over the same concept or posts continuously would never be deemed original. Keep in mind, if the content you developed gets played out, there would be difficulty in getting linked to it. That would ultimately hamper the actual purpose of developing the contents. After all, content writing is basically a major digital marketing concept. If the purpose is not solved (attracting the targeted audience), what’s the need to write contents?

# What most of the novice website owners think about content development?

Being novice in digital marketing is the primary problem for many modern day website owners. Many of them are looking for the easy and cheap way to get through it. They look for developing high volumes of content without focusing on their quality level. At the same time, they are willing to invest fewer amounts of money, time, and effort for the purpose. So, what would they expect?  Definitely, the quality of the contents deters by a massive margin.

There are also some of the website owners who look for scraping contents and then recombine those into something gibberish that would be readable by the search engines. This type of a mindset would definitely make the scenario gloomy and dull. Website content writing is an art in itself. If the approach towards it is not correct, how would you expect for better publicity in the long run? You simply have no right to play with the traffic. They are investing their time and effort to go through the contents of your website. Would they ever return if there happens to be copied information or something that’s been totally gibberish? No, they won’t!

# Outsourcing cheap website content writing services to make the filler

Please, don’t think like that ever. Don’t play with the trust of your readers. They would be visiting your site for some quality and value-added information. Don’t shatter their beliefs.  Always keep in mind two basic rules for life:

  • You reap what you sow
  • If you can’t say something useful, don’t speak up

Focus on these two simple yet valuable points while developing contents for the site. Keep the intention positive and your site would yield higher returns for many years to follow.

# Actionable contents make the greatest impact

What purpose would your content serve to the readers? Would it be able to show some light to their queries? Remember, these are essential factors to consider while creating contents. Actionable contents sell the highest.  Remember, best contents are those that would provide the users with some guidance regarding the right ways to apply information. It would never degrade or restrict users from providing them the right information. Well, I am not saying that you provide detailed information about some specific thing. But there must be at least some kind of legitimate information that would add value to the content and time being utilized by the readers in going through the content. While writing blog posts, always provide users tips on what you are offering them. Many times, there could be a positive impact on the readers when the writing style is good and the content is filled with positives about the topic.

# Add glitz and glory to the content through inclusion of images and videos

A reputed and experienced content writer would always try to figure out newer ways of making the content more innovative. The content must be apt and to the point. Apart from this, it must also feature suitable images and videos or animation effects to make for greater impact. Videos and images help in proper and better communication process among the readers. It definitely helps in illustrating the points. However, it is necessary to include only those type of images, slideshows, or videos that would be somewhat related to the contents. It is necessary to focus on this part. Including irrelevant contents would be totally wastage of time.

# Keep the content short and to the point

Make sure you write short and crisp sentences. Always try to keep it simple and to the point. Too many fluffy sentences would create a negative impact. Yes, it would be challenging to create short and to the point sentences but then, the end results would be highly satisfactory. For any blog posts or articles, nothing works better than to-the-point paragraphs or briefs that are being loaded with relevant information. Also, never focus on the word counts. It is not always that articles or blogs with the higher word count rock the market. No, it is always about the relevant information that is included within the content. Remember, it is quite difficult to keep a blog post short in words. In fact, it takes more time to write a shorter blog post than the ones with several pages longer.

# Thought-provoking contents definitely rule the show

Your primary aim is to develop contents that would engage the readers. The contents must be thought-provoking enough to make them urge for more. It is this urge for more that would make them return to the site again and again. Here are some of the tricks to writing truly thought-provoking contents.

# Leave space for the readers to think deeply

Well, this does not mean that the post would be incomplete. No, it would be written in a manner that would let certain questions arise within the minds of the readers. The tone should be such that the readers would try to seek information from the content to answer certain questions that would cross their mind in regards to the topic.

# Keep the introduction promising enough to develop interest among the readers

The introduction part is crucial for any content. It is the gateway to the content. If the introduction is not catchy enough, readers would never take interest in going through the body of the content. The introduction part should convey a message about why readers should care about going through the content. What benefits would they get from reading it?

Remember, if the blog post features a flurry of user comments, it becomes easier to make a positive impression in the search engine directory listing. The search engines would notice about the comments as well the regular updating part. This would make them develop a positive reputation for the site where the post is being featured. As a result, the chances of making it to the top of listing page ranking become easier.

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