July 02 2010

Web Content Writing: Five most important rules of website content writing

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Do you feel that you have a flair for writing? Can you write consistently and smoothly on different topics? If the answer to all these questions is “yes”, then you are no doubt a good writer. Many people are good writers who can pen down their thoughts well in daily dairies, greeting cards or newspaper articles with ease. But being a good writer does not qualify you as a good web content writer. Content writing for website is unique in style and different from any other forms of writing.

Web content writing is absolutely different from article writings that are used in print media. The most important thing to remember in content writing for website is that web users do not read, they scan through the writing. In online websites, users browse or glance through the content for specific information. They have no time to read the whole content properly. Therefore anything that is not relevant to their search is abandoned and left readily.

To be successful in website content writing, you will need to maintain certain new rules to your writing. Try out the guidelines given below that can help to bring out the right style of writing for websites:

Be close to your reader: The main purpose of content writing in WebPages is to reach out to maximum number of target audiences. It is important that you know your potential customers and write according to the style and tone that suits the reader’s character. For example, the style of content for teen’s website will be different from a website promoting technical products.

Keep the style of writing simple: Another significant secret of website content writing is to keep your writing uncomplicated and easily understandable. Remember that users of online technology want their needed information quickly and easily. Use of flowery and pompous words is therefore an absolute ‘no’ in website content writing. Try to keep the headings and titles crisp, simple and short along with clean and simple content writing language.

Write from your reader’s point of view: Unlike other forms of writing, in web content writing, the writer needs to maintain the reader’s point of view. Use of action oriented words along with “YOU” works well in website content. Think from reader’s perspective and make the content catchy and interesting to hold reader’s interest.

Right keyword density: The most vital thing to remember in web content writing is to maintain proper use of keywords. Without the right usage of keywords, the website will not be crawled by search engine browsers which in turn will not attract traffic to the site. Also write titles, meta-tags and summaries in the right format so that your site not only gets easily found but is also capable of retaining reader’s interest.

Add links: The main advantage of using web is its easy interactivity and navigation facility. User’s can skip to other pages at ease as per their need. A webpage that do not offer easy navigation facility will therefore not be liked by readers. Make sure to add useful links in your content writing to make the web page interactive and routed.

The ultimate purpose and aim of writing content for website is to promote a service/product to target audiences. Therefore in short it can be stated that website content writing is all about readers. There are many content writing companies that provide website content writing service in easy and flexible price rates.

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