November 27 2012

Want Website Content Writing services? Here’s a Guide to Make the Right Choice

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Internet is flooded with website content writing service providers promising you to offer the best services in the market. You may be seeking article writing services but is confused with the several options available.

Here’s a guide to help you choose the one fit for your requirements:

Make a list:

Ask for referrals from colleagues and friends and make a list of potential article writing service providers. You can also seek information in social networking sites. Another thing you can do is search online and jot down the names of the top 5 sites that appear in the search results. Choose on the basis of cost and the quality of work they provide.

Visit their website: 

Once you shortlist a few companies, visit their sites for getting further details such as their experience, staff and efficiencies. Read the article samples, if any provided, on the website. Visiting their website itself gives you an impression of the company. For instance, the look of the website and the quality of its content itself speak a lot about a company.

Contact the company: 

Discuss your project with them in order to know whether they have the required experience needed to work on the type of content you require. Check on the company’s SEO experience. Ask for samples of their earlier SEO work. Getting in touch with their previous clients also gives a firsthand feedback about their work.

Test their service:

Do this with a trial order. Order a small project or a few articles to see the quality of their website content writing. This way, the deal becomes less risky as you get to know the quality of their work and also do not lose a lot of money.

Content revision policies:

It is important for you to know the content revision policy of a given company because certain companies charge extra even for minor revisions. Again, there are also companies that place utmost importance on the satisfaction of clients and are, thus, open to making modifications and changes free of cost.

Negotiate tactfully:

Price is an important matter that should be considered when choosing an article writing service. Compare the price and the work and see if the money you are paying is worth it. So, if you find a service provider who is better than others but is a bit expensive than others, do not hesitate to go for it. The quality of work is something that matters the most at the end of the day.

Do not deal with sites that are not certain with their price schemes. In order to avoid getting into the trap of hidden prices, read the fine print carefully. Also consider the turn around time. See if they can deliver content within the deadline. Many companies have the tendency of keeping their clients stranded with few or no content at all for days.

The last advice would be to be patient and to look for previous works before finalizing a website content writing company.

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