May 28 2016

15 Actionable Website Content Writing Tips to Persuade Visitors

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Your website is your online identity and it is the face of your business to your audience. Agreed? But, even though you put lots of information on the site, you don’t get enough engagement. On the other hand, you can see rival sites enchant visitors with their content.

If you too want to grab the attention of your visitors, take the help of a website content writing agency.

Actionable Website Content Writing Tips to Persuade Visitors 1

In this blog, we are going to check out some techniques used by a professional writer to compose effective website content.

# Understand the behavior of your visitors to offer them quick information

Visitors to a website do not read the beautifully written lines. They only look for information and they want it real fast. No matter how much effort you put to decorate your sentences if you cannot give your visitors what they need, your website is very soon going to head for a downslide.

Try to keep your sentences short and to the point. Remember, your audience is not reading newspapers or story books that they will go through each and every line of the page.

# Put the most important information first to hold on to your traffic

An expert will start the write-up with what you do and what you offer. He or she will then follow up with your techniques and how you are better than others in the field.

Website visitors want pure and simple information about products or services you offer. They do not have ample time to read through the large content. What they need to know is what you offer and how you can help them.

If you have a furniture business, this is what your website content will look like:

(Name of the business) is a leading furniture brand offering quality wood items in London.

# Conduct keyword research to rank your site

In order to rank your business on search engine ranking pages, a professional website content writing expert will identify the most suitable keywords for you and use them in the content. A simple and useful way to find out keywords is to pop in the services you offer on a search engine and observe the results.

The words you had typed will appear in bold. Plus, some related terms will also appear in bold. Your e-commerce wooden furniture business can have keywords like,

  • Wooden furniture online
  • Wood furniture online
  • Buy
  • Price
  • Furniture online
  • Online furniture
  • Furniture

# Use the right word for the right situation

When presenting content to the online audience, you need to be very careful about the exact meaning of the words and how your audiences are going to react to it. A professional writer is aware of the perfect meaning that a word carries.

He or she knows that it is no use writing something that your audiences will not be able to relate to. Certain words may appear simple and common to you, but you must also remember that online visitors do not have much time to decipher difficult terms and understand their meaning. If they cannot find any meaning of the write-up at a go, they will leave your site for another one.

It’s safe to call a wooden chair what it is, instead of calling it a single seating piece.

You get my point, don’t you?

# Avoid using buzzwords without any reason

It’s ok to use buzzwords in website content writing if you want to attract a certain group of audience, but keep it within limits. However, as they say, too much use of anything can never be good.

A cosmetic site can have words like,

  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Anti-ageing
  • Celebrity endorsed
  • Organic product

It’s good to make your audience aware that you have knowledge and authority over what you are presenting, but overuse of industry jargon make you appear like an intellectual with no idea about where to stop.

# Write basic concepts correctly to impress your audience

Certain words should always be written the way they exist, in other words correctly. Do I sound confusing? I bet I do. Okay, let’s make it a little clear.

How many times have you written ‘website’ like this?


Or ‘in front’ as ‘infront?’

Come on, these are basic stuff, keep them as they are. There is no need to tamper with their looks.

# Keep the write-up grammatically correct to assure visitors

A professional writer takes utmost care to write flawlessly without making grammatical mistakes. Correct English grammar is very essential to entice your audiences in making purchases.

How do you think your audiences will react if your website content cannot clarify whether it is ‘your’ or ‘you are?’

Another dire offense in content writing is the misuse of the apostrophe. Just because you have the independence, does not mean that you can put an apostrophe anywhere you want. An experienced writer never commits such a mistake. Dos and Don’ts should not carry an apostrophe just because they are plural.

FYI – A noun with no‘s’ in it is not necessarily singular. Even children are plural.

You should keep in mind that people who visit your site do not know how honest or good you are. They can only see your website. If your website content writing has grammatical mistakes, how can you assure your audiences that you can handle their transactions safely or their confidential information will remain safe with you?

There is something called trust. And believe me, if you own a start-up, you cannot build trust with wrong English.

# Make wise use of keywords

It is wise to use keywords only where they suit. Gone are the days when writers had to stuff their creations with keywords, compromising the meaning and aesthetics of the content.

Nowadays, Google or any other search engine spam keyword stuffed content. Not just this, even users refuse to read if you focus on keywords rather than the subject.

A little piece of information, if you were not aware:

Search engines rank only those sites that have high traffic and higher engagement. With a bucket full of keywords, you sure don’t expect to rank on result pages.

# Create content for quick glances

A professional writer makes sure that the content has the important points that can retain a visitor. Research suggests that hardly 16% visitors go through the entire write-up. Most of them just glance through the main points to find, if you offer the products and services they are looking for or not.

Check out the following points to ensure to-the-point content.

  • Convey your business through the headline
  • Express the key points through sub headlines
  • Use a sales message in the image caption
  • Reduce excessive words with bullets

Efficient website content writing is indicated by the fact that readers can understand your business at a glance.

# Edit the work after a considerable span of time

A professional writer does not edit his or her work right after he or she completes writing. Why?

The ideas and concepts are still fresh in his or her mind and checking the content at that point of time hardly identify the mistake. If there are any gaps or mistakes in the writing, the creator’s mind fills them up in its own accord.

However, by checking after an hour or later, he or she can find out the gaps in the content.

# Use catch words to tell your audiences that you have what they want

Online visitors conduct a search by using certain terms and when those terms appear in bold, they realize that they have got their answer. An expert content writer does not play with words.

We have already discussed that the right use of words is very important for enchanting your audiences. This is another facet of the idea.

Let us consider that you have a hotel. So, how exactly should you present the cost factor of your business?

I am giving you three options – cost-effective hotels, cheap/ budget hotels, and low price hotels.

People searching for hotels hardly look for cost-effective or low price hotels. Cheap/budget hotels are what most people search for.

On the other hand, if you own a business consultant agency, the perfect adjective is a cost-effective business solution and not cheap business solutions or low-cost business solutions.

It’s not that business solutions cannot be cheap and low cost, but people consider such adjectives as derogatory in terms of the subject. Therefore, website content writing will not comprise of words that are considered unsuitable by the target audiences.

# Practice ethics to show your integrity

A writer, when directly quotes someone or uses information from another site refers to that source by way of a hyperlink to the source site. This is an ethical practice.

If you don’t, it would be same as stealing and Google can as well penalize you for it.

When you hyperlink to another site, you can also be benefitted.


The site can reciprocate by sending you a backlink.

In the event that you are worried about your traffic getting distracted or moving to another site, you can opt for the “open link in another window.”

 # Maintain a tight format

Now, that we already know how lazy your visitors are, it is time to maintain a structure that keeps your visitors hooked to your site.

Here’s how a professional writer composes.

  • 12 short sentences
  • 4 short paragraphs
  • No lingual jargon unless necessary
  • No useless words
  • No repetition of ideas
  • Active voice
  • Use the word ‘you’ to address the audiences directly

# Keep searching till sure

All professional writers search on the Internet to ensure valid and correct information.

Offering correct information through website content writing is essential to not only be in the good books of your audiences but also be in the top position of search engine result pages. You don’t expect to win audiences by giving them wrong information, do you?

It is sensible not to consider your visitor’s complete idiots. They may be smarter than you think they are. Internet users have a knack to verify the data they find. So, if you think that you can fool them with your tricks, you are wrong dear.

With correct data, you can convince your visitors of your authority over the subject and also increase engagement on your site.

As a business owner, you must have an idea about promotion. A satisfied client will promote your site and this will result in increased engagement and higher sales.

# Prepare each page as a potential landing page

Experienced content writers are aware of the searching tactics of users and therefore, create content that appeals to a visitor, no matter, on which page he or she lands.

A website, unlike a book, does not necessarily have to be read from the first till the last page. A visitor can start surfing from any page he or she likes.

This is what a writer does to make each and every page worth visiting.

  • Clarify the objective of each page and mention how it can help visitors
  • Use elements that make it easy to scan
  • Add a motivating call-to-action asking visitors to sign up for newsletters, read a blog post, check out client testimonials, add the product to shopping cart or request a quote.

Not sure, which landing page has the maximum visitors? That, I don’t think is an issue.

All you have to do is go to Google Analytics, move to site content and then to landing pages. The percentage of visitors on each page will be visible to you.

These were some of the techniques used by a website content writing professionally. If you don’t want to lag behind your rivals just because you don’t have the perfect content to sport, approach an expert writer yet. Get the existing content modified or get a completely new content and watch the difference in engagement yourself.

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