June 16 2011

What’s More Important in Content Writing Services – Quality or Quantity?

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Presently most clients have a demand for bulk content a wide array of topics starting from yoga, meditation, hotels, travel and tourism, real estate and moving services, cleaning services and car rentals. The list is simply endless. These clients mostly prefer service centric content focusing on their exclusive keywords. This is simply because they want to improve traffic to their sites and better ranking in the search engine results. Most of them have the psyche that they will prosper in business as soon as they manage substantial traffic to their sites.

In the rush for producing website content for various clients the real purpose of content writing seems to be ignored. A website primarily aims to display and feature the ideas of your company to your visitors and your clients who aim to do some business with you. To make your website content more communicative, you can add expressive videos, graphics, and images to support your text.

Misconception: In terms of quantity, most content writing services take to filling up the body content with unwanted and unnecessary materials. This is a misconception that only quantity is enough to divert sufficient traffic to a website. Your website is the vital resource helping your clients and customers reach to a decision whether they want to tie up with you or not. So your website cannot have junk and utter trash that’s not making any sense. Quantity is also important to improve your site’s search engine rankings. Huge number of service pages gives crawlers the opportunity to crawl and index a variety of keywords and vital key phrases.

However, this definitely doesn’t mean that quantity plays a more vital role in determining a site’s position or ranking in search engine results. Quality has always been and will remain an essential factor responsible for improving traffic to a site and its ranking in search engine results. The top blogs might have merely 500 blogs but they have countless comments and quite an impressive traffic rate. This is a benchmark that only quantity cannot help you achieve; you need quality content that will be informative, precise and crisp at the same time.

Striking a balance: Most of us find it quite tough to maintain a balance between quality and quantity while dealing with content writing services. However, by following some simple guidelines you can always manage to deliver quality content and maintain the adequate quota of quantity as well. Before you start writing contribute some time to research the topic. Once you have accumulated the required information sort out the points you want to mention in your article, blog or service page.

Once you have all the materials at hand you just need an impressive writing technique that will instantly grab the attention of your readers. Using bullet points in the content helps your readers to locate the essential points instantly. Your readers wouldn’t spend more than 30 seconds on a particular content. Make your content precise and crisp so that your readers are glued to your website. Giving a whole lot of information in a precise writing format saves a lot of time, both for the writer and the readers. Highlighting the essential points also help your readers to locate the necessary information they are looking for.

Managing quality with quantity is an essential aspect that only few can master. This is the vital ingredient for effective website content writing.

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