May 07 2011

What It Takes To Make It Big In Copy Writing

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Selling is a very daunting and yet very interesting job, but it is not the same thing for every guy with a bag in the sling. Can you imagine how the brokers, underwriters and insurance agents are instigating people to invest in this or that? They sell a product no doubt, but they persuade the clients that they are getting something more vital and meaningful. For instance, when you invest in a property, the broker convinces you that you are getting peaceful living with free education for children, foreign holidays etc. In fact, they don’t sell you a product or a service, but an idea underlying it. You get the hang of it and you are ready to pen down a compelling content for a promotional campaign.

So, still wondering how you can become a good copywriter? Let’s deconstruct the idea.

Focus on what it means for the client: When you are going through the ordeal of forging a good piece copywriting, do think why the clients pay attention to your campaign, what your product means to them, how it can make a difference in their lives. Don’t rope on a mission statement such as “we are driven by blah-blah-blah”. Your audience is no longer interested in what your philosophy or thought is. Instead tell them that you are offering something which they badly need. Even if they don’t need, convince them that they do.

Address the client directly: Marketing as an industry has come a long way from the time when they every product is of national importance and addressed the mass in their campaign always using the stilted tone. But today, the use of personal ‘you’ is very frequent and very effective as well. Tell your audience that you offering something which holds huge importance to them. The implication is that you care for your clients your product makes their life a little better.

Keep the message short and precise: Check the two versions of a copy pitching for an app.

1) By installing our application, users can get easy access to the internet through their existing browsers or even through their own browsers and it will give them an enriching experience.

2) Experience a better browsing with our application. Use your own browser or ours, seamlessly.

Though dealing with the same theme, the two contents are way apart. Comparatively, the second piece of writing is more powerful as it grabs the attention of the audience quicker and drives the point most unwittingly.

Quickly point to the edge: The above sample exemplifies another point of a forceful copywriting. Notice how the marketing speech has been presented in both the versions. In the first case, the introduction of the fact that the app works well with any browser, has been presented in a callous way; but in the second version, the central advantage of the app has been conveyed in a way that it hits the nail on the head.

Reiterate your motivating point: If you think there is something that is important to the audience, begin the speech with it and return to it again. If something needs to be said, it needs to be said again. The audience likes to know what how a product or service helps them. When you say it they are happy that they have got it. But when you say it again, they are assured it is there in the product.

Presentation: Your copywriting will be effective only when it makes a scratch on the minds of the audience. Suppose you are selling car and there are hundreds of companies with similar cars. If your ad campaign shows the car whizzing past a pool drenching a couple of joggers in the early morning, then where is the catch? Everyone highlights speed in some similar way. But try this one.

Your car swish through an ordinary driveway in a decent speed and suddenly the car breaks down. When the driver gets out and opens the engine hood, to his horror, he finds the engine is missing. Then follows your marketing speech—

“A car powered by our brand runs 50 km without engine and breaks down. When we supply the engine, it just runs”.

The audience is taken just the way you are. It’s presentation.

Copy writing needs to focus on these elements.

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