February 23 2011

Where to find Inspiration for Content writing?

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If you are in a content writing job, you will understand how it feels when your mind is going vacant and you have to write to feel up pages. You are in a lost struggle. There is nothing around you to inspire. The condition is even more deplorable as you are not allowed to go out or take a break.

Do you know what Sir Sidney Phillips has said in his lofty sonnet for such writers (alas! he could not wait to see them)? He said ‘look into thy heart and write’. Content writing of course! But Things have changed since the sixteenth century. Now it will be more judicious to look into the Internet for inspiration, instead. Just as the Internet can act as your writing Muse and inspire you with sublime ideas to write on, a broad pathway, a good night’s sleep or even a can of Mountain Dew can do the same job. Let’s see where you can look for content writing inspiration.

Browse Photos: Content writing should come spontaneously. When it does not, the writing is not what you thought it to be. Perfection suffers. Instead, when you are not getting any idea on what to write about, browse through the online photo galleries. At least one of the innumerous photos is sure to inspire some thought and offer you a little fodder to get going. You have got your subject at far.

Do weird things: It is often that after writing about five or six contents at a single stretch, we feel we have poured out all that we had and has got barren and absolutely un-writing. Probably some of your colleague gives you a topic and you manage to land one. But the same thing is to happen the next day and your previous day’s messiah is absent. Go to the rooftop and scream on the top of your voice. Or throw water on your face. Do something is crazy. You will feel refreshed. In neuro-linguistic register, it is called ‘pattern interrupt’. This strange activity can pop some fresh idea out of you.

Take a stimulating drink: A strong drink has always been associated with inspiring lofty ideas. It is a proven fact that taking stimulating drinks robs you of more energy than they gives you in the long run. But a judicious intake of mild drinks can do wonder when no idea comes out of your skull. A small can of Mountain Dew or even a coffee can turn your wheel of writing.

Take some movement: You are sitting before the computer and struggling to force out a thought for your content writing. The worst thing will be to stick to your struggle and grinding your head. Better will be to leave your seat and take a walk around. Movement helps in procuring energy. When the energy is replenished, some fresh thoughts are likely to follow and you can resume your content writing.

Turn back the archives: History is the great repository of thoughts and ideas. Turn up your own blog or of some of your colleagues and give a read to a few of them. Since reading will make you think a lot of thing, some pent up idea can presents itself before you.

While some of these suggestions appear to be quite common, they are often too common that you have never thought of using them in your content writing work. These ordinary tips allow you to leverage them to your purpose.

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