July 02 2013

How to Write Interesting and Engaging Content?

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Today, the market is flooded with several providers of content writing services; so the huge demand for content writers has considerably led to a fall in the quality of work that is being produced. Today, the audience, however, is more empowered to choose which content is worth a read and which is not. And as far as branded content is concerned, users no more react to phrases like “Click here” and “Buy now”. What they demand now is quality writing, offering useful and authentic information, which also forms an interesting read.

In the World Wide Web, good content always outweighs the bad one; hence getting creative and innovative is the only way to make a mark in the online world. In other words, you need to tug the strings of your users’ heart; and that can be done only by engaging and not boring them.

Web users do not read websites. They often use an ‘F’ pattern while reading the site.

  • They scan the page reading the top first, which usually has the title.
  • Then they scan down by reading horizontally,
  • When about 1/4th of the page is over, they start scanning down the left hand side of the web page.

So, companies providing content writing services need to instruct their writers to write in a way so that the most important parts of the write-up are read.

Here are a few ways in which web-content can be made interesting and engaging:

Strike a cord with the very title

This may sound like an old tip; nonetheless, it is a useful one. The title of your article is the very first thing that is read by a reader. So, it is the very first weapon with which you can win over the user. A reader reads on only if the title seems intriguing to him or her. Commonplace and boring titles are a sure turn-off.

Try to evoke an emotional response

An emotional response on the part of the user can be beneficial. It is not necessary for the response to be positive. The best way to make it is to have a strong opinion. Having an opinion will always get you a few supporters and few critics. The latter may not come back to you but the former definitely will.

Share a secret

Share a secret and readers are bound to react. Try to give your readers a sense of exclusivity by telling them something that is not known to all, something that they can know only from you.
If you are writing about a product launch, try to include some “behind the scenes” with photographs as a proof. Tell them about how the business started out with planning the product. For this, you, as a writer, will have to do extensive research on the subject you are writing.

Write as if you are talking

Many may argue that doing this is not a good practice as it degrades your write-ups. Well, that is only when you add the “likes” and “umms” making the content very colloquial. Instead, what you should do is write in a way as if you are having a conversation and not writing a thesis. You may include questions, put forward the arguments and finally wrap-up with an affirmation. This makes your content more human and, therefore, more identifiable.

Incorporate these four points in your articles and blogs; you are surely to get noticed by your audience.


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