June 10 2013

Some Effective Ideas for Generating Quality Content

Content writing has gradually emerged as one of the most effective SEO techniques. Therefore, it is important to give it the time, attention and respect it deserves. Quality content can not only help increase the oh-so-important search engine traffic but also assist in building your reputation. However, it is also true that getting ideas for writing an informative article that will instantly attract the attention of readers is not easy. So what can you, as a content writer, do to generate quality write-ups? Let us find out:

  • Forum Discussion Thread:

If you want to find a comp
rehensive discussion on a particular topic or related ones, discussion board forums can act as a very useful source. It usually comprises an initial post begun by someone interested in sharing some ideas or information which, consequently, gets comments and replies by various users. Since such threads involve the viewpoints of many, it can help you acquire a multi-dimensional view of a topic or idea.

  • Google Trends:

It is a free service which offers charts and graphs signifying the searches carried out by individuals in a specific country, region or area. The whole data of the topics, words and phases searched can be derived from it. What is more, you can also compare the different results or terms in order to ascertain their popularity. This process is specifically meant for individuals searching for a suitable topic for writing content. Since the job of the current search trend is to give you an idea of the topics searched for by people on search engines, it can help you write exactly what readers want.

  • Video Sites:

Videos are provided by a number of video sites such as YouTube, NetFlix, MetaCafe, Yahoo! Screen and Dailymotion, pertinent to a specific topic or subject. As a skillful content writer, you can see and listen to them, particularly those which include expert opinions since it can help you immensely while writing content.

  • Infographics Sites:

In these sites, data is graphically represented so that you can use them to write your posts, thereby making them more informative and realistic. Some of the popular infographics sites include Visual.ly, coolinfographics.com, infosthetics.com and others.

  • Google Alerts:

This is one of Google’s best notification services that inform its users automatically about the new content consisting of blogs, press releases, articles, discussion groups, news and others matching the search term users have a preference for. There are various ways of getting the alerts on diverse topics and you can opt for any one of them.

  • Google Image Search:

If you use the Google Image search while writing content, it can help you get more ideas concerning your topic. As you type a topic in Google’s search field, a number of images appear, all of which contain short descriptions which can prove to be very useful and act as good references for a content writer.

Apart from these, there are also other tools which are equally helpful and effective. When you combine your creativity with the knowledge derived from the above-mentioned tools, you can gradually start generating quality content that appeals to readers, thereby serving its desired goal.

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